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Google Tone Sends URLs to Nearby Computers Using Sound

Google has published a Chrome extension that allows you to share URLs in an interesting new way. Click a button and a simple chirrup from your computer’s speakers sends the link to other devices in [...]

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Chrome adds MIDI support for browser-based music composition

Let's say you went all out for Rock Band 3 and bought a MIDI drum kit and the game's keyboard peripheral, haven't used them since, but hate to put that stuff on Craigslist. With the new Chrome update [...]

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‘Things’ Are People, Too

Source: ‘Things’ Are People, Too

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The Internet Of (Some) Things

In 2015, a modern-day gold rush has taken the technology sector by storm. A recent study discovered that 75 percent of executives surveyed said that Internet..
Source: The Internet Of (Some) Things

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